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​Set up on 21 October 2014 as a subsidiary under Temasia Health Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MOH Holdings Pte Ltd, Vanguard Healthcare Pte Ltd aims to contribute to the growth and development of eldercare services in Singapore.​

Beyond operating eldercare facilities, our mission is to encourage a spirit of innovation, develop manpower capability as well as evolve new models of care. We aim to spread good practices, encourage other players to adopt innovations and promote manpower development, so as to benefit the overall eldercare sector and boost its development over time.

Our Shared Beliefs
All staff of Vanguard espouse the Spirit of iCARE and the following shared beliefs:
  • Integrity and Professionalism - Entrusted with a critical public mission, we must do the right things, do them right, for the right purpose, and with the highest standards of performance;
  • Compassion - We go the extra mile to care for and respect our residents, clients and colleagues;
  • Adventurism - We anticipate the future of elderly care and explore new models of care where few innovate;
  • Resourcefulness - We take initiative to resolve challenges in our workplace despite the seemingly lack of material and manpower resources;
  • Enablement and Teamwork - We contribute to the community and enable the elderly to live their lives confidently, and strive to embrace the marginalised people in our workforce.
Vanguard’s Spirit of iCARE serves as the bedrock and mindset that we strive to live by to guide and support us in achieving our strategic focus areas and thrusts.